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Panorama of North Berwick East Beach by Ian Goodall

 North Berwick East Beach from Melbourne Road to Craigleith Island to the Bass Rock. Boating Pond in the foreground 


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 North Berwick Photographic Society - Competitions

This season the Club has two internal competitions for members with external judges, two assignments which are judged (one with an external judge; the other judged by club members) and two Match-an-Image competitions one at home with Beeslack Camera Club for the NBPS Challenge Trophy and the other away with Musselburgh Camera Club. Where we have external judges please use WeTransfer to send entries to the club's competition secretary at least 17 days before the competition date (unless stated differently eg if there's to be live judging on the night) which allows time for all entries to be collated and sent to the judge at least two weeks prior to the actual competition date.

For help with preparing entries please visit the Competition Entries section on this website.

Internal Competition: The Chairman's Trophy

An internal competition - some years the subject is 'Open' and for others it is specified (see the Club Programme). While it's anticipated most of the entries will be digital, prints are also welcome. Marks for each image are awarded out of twenty and members will be notified of their scores. The winner of the trophy is the club member whose image is judged to be the best overall; there are two 'Highly Commended' awards for the runners up. Up to four images per member may be entered; for submission details please see the Competition Entries section.

Internal Competition: Image of the Year Trophy

An internal competition with the subject 'Open'. This competition is held in April and the winner of the trophy is the club member whose image is judged to be the best overall image of the season; there are two 'Highly Commended' awards for the runners up. Images submitted for the earlier competitions can be re-submitted with a maximum of four images per member. Entries (digital only) must have been taken in the previous 12 months.

For submission and image sizing please see the Competition Entries section.

Match-an-Image Competition: North Berwick Photographic Society Challenge Trophy

A Match-an-Image competition against another 'local' club is held at the North Berwick Club's venue in January or February. Forty digital images are shown by each club as they battle it out to match their images (whether images match or not is at the decision of the judge; heckling is allowed!). The club with the highest total score on the night wins the Challenge Trophy. In 2013 this was a new format for a competition so here is the way it works. Both teams operate their own computer, projector and screen so that images can be selected then projected and viewed at the same time alongside each other. Teams displayed their images alternately with the image put up by the first team requiring to be 'matched' by the second team. Thirty seconds is allowed to put up a matching, or attempt at a matching, image. One point is awarded to the team displaying the first image. If the team displaying the second image is judged to be displaying a matching image then a point is awarded to them for successfully matching the image. An additional bonus point is awarded to the team judged to have the better image of the two but if there is no match this bonus point goes to the team which put up the first image.

Images previously submitted by members for external competitions and assignments will be considered for match-an-image use by a selection panel. Members are also encouraged and invited to submit additional 'quirky/different' images for consideration.

Sending your entries to the NBPS Competition Secretary (Ian Goodall)

Use WeTransfer by visiting WeTransfer.com and entering the "Email to" as entries@northberwickphoto.org. This method is now the preferred way. Alternatively, to use the old way send entries as attachments by email to entries@northberwickphoto.org.


Panorama of North Berwick West Bay by Ian Goodall
 North Berwick West Bay. Lifeboat station on the left; Harbour flats on the right

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